During an extended time of prayer and fasting, God gave His servant Rev. Richard Jatto this commission.

“The hour has come to release great wave of revival fire upon my Church and I am commissioning you for this task. My Spirit will accompany you and confirm my Word with signs and wonders. I will cleanse my people with My Holy Fire. Behold it is time to clothe my Church with great beauty, honour and power. Walk before me and be perfect. I am your exceeding great reward”

“Now has come the Salvation and the Power and the Kingdom of our God and the Authority of His Christ”

My name is Richard Jatto, founder of Christ Kingdom World Evangelism. God called me into ministry in 1990. I am a man on the move for God. Passionately pursues a life of signs, wonders and miracles. From the outset of founding Christ Kingdom World Evangelism in 2006 my heart desire and cry to God has always been to see the revival fire of God in the church of the living God and in our community at large. I believe it is only the out-pouring of the Spirit of God that can solve the problem of our generation. We are the light of the world, the salt of the earth! It is our responsibility as the children of God to cry to God for revival. I am sent my God to wake up the great sleeping giant; the church of the living God.

I am a man whose entire life is dedicated to fulfilling the call of God, to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every living creature. I believe as I obey my heavenly calling, signs and wonders will follow. I believe the time has come for me to step out and walk in that calling. During a time of revelation in a vision, God showed me two powerful scriptures that would be my mission calling and statement and these are Isaiah 60:1 and Isaiah 61:1-2

I believe that the hour has come to liberate the church of the living God from all oppression of the devil and release her to her full inheritance through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Heaven is out to release the Church into the fullness of her redemptive colour! God will raise men and women of supernatural authority in the Church, who will command the attention of nations.

It will be a Church robed in power, manifesting the many–sided wisdom of God! I'm here to herald the coming glory of that Church (the coming presence of God – the mighty visitation of God, coming upon the Church of Jesus Christ on earth) and to introduce to you the essential force behind its accomplishment.

Friends, we’re on the verge of a major event in the body of Christ! God is coming down in the midst of His people the way He has never done before! There’s a divine programme on! We’re moving into the realms of an awakening the world has never seen before!

The Church of Jesus Christ is coming on a power frequency, into realms of beauty, glory, honour, and distinction that will herald the coming- of our Lord Jesus Christ return! We’re living in the days of the dominion of the saints of God, endowed with the supernatural ability to confront oppositions with confidence. We're in the royal age of the Church, we must stop playing slavery.

The church has all the principles and some good doctrine; we now need the power of the Holy Spirit to make it work. Jesus taught the disciples the principles of the kingdom of God for three and half years. Yet He told them, “Don't go anywhere yet, it won't work. Get the power from on high first.”

It is time the body of Christ together start to hunger and thirst for the outpouring of the power of God upon your life; it will compel everything around us to start working. The unction of the Holy Spirit is what guarantees motion in life. Without the Holy Spirit, we are going nowhere!

In all that I do and say and in every action of the ministry of Christ Kingdom World Evangelism I want to bring honour and glory to God.