Please consider how you can help Christ Kingdom World Evangelism take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations of the world.

This year we have urgent call from Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Nepal, The Philippines, Pakistan, India, Europe and South Africa to come and hold open air evangelistic meetings and teach the Word of God to local Pastors and ministers.

These open air evangelistic meetings will cost us financial resources and manpower to put together. We are looking to God of course, but with your support, we can take the gospel to as many nations as possible and set people free from all oppression of the devil through the preaching of the Word of God.

Our ministry is also working with many pastors in Africa and the Philippines. these pastors need constant support from us. we would be delighted if you could support us through giving so we can help these pastors to be able to carry out their ministries without compromising the basic truth of the gospel.

Our ministry is also looking to start a 24 hours, seven days a week prayer center in London and other city throughout the world, to pray specifically for revival and salvation of mankind. local people will also be able to come for healing and deliverance from our trained prayer ministers. Jesus Christ said my father’s house should be a house of prayer.

Please prayerfully consider given to this ministry every month. We are believing God for one million covenant partners worldwide.

Your giving will enable us to go together and equip the saints of God and save lives. The Son of God is coming back soon. Let together bring in the largest harvest the church has ever seen. God bless you.

Thank you for your partnership.


Living victoriously—by faith,

Rev. Richard Jatto


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