If God Can't Do Anything Without Faith, Neither Can We!

By Gloria Copeland

Everything that happens to us supernaturally happens by faith. Somewhere, somehow, someone has to release faith for the supernatural to happen in our lives.

Just think for a moment how you came to be born again.

Maybe it was a friend, sibling or spouse who prayed for you to come into the kingdom of God. Maybe it was a great-great-grandmother who prayed for your salvation long before you were even born. It may have been someone on the other side of the world who interceded for you in the spirit, praying in other tongues and never even knowing what or for whom they prayed.

Oftentimes, we never know. But the point is, at some moment in time, faith must be released on our behalf for a supernatural event like salvation to happen in our lives.

In my life, I know of at least one person who prayed and released faith on my behalf concerning my salvation, but I didn't know it at the time. That person was Ken's mother. In fact, just a few months after Ken and I married, I got saved by reading a Bible that his mother had sent him for his birthday. It wasn't long afterward that Ken was born again, too.

So whether it's getting us born again or getting us healed, whether it's avoiding a financial disaster or avoiding a fatal car wreck, faith must be released. Someone's faith must be in operation and if it's not our faith that gets us in the right place at the right time, then it's somebody elses that does.

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